Green coffee Foundation
The Green coffee module covers key concepts surrounding coffee before the roastery
Green coffee Intermediate
from 06|11|18 to 07|11|18
Green Coffee Intermediate module looks at green coffee in greater detail and builds on the core vocational skills needed by people who work with green coffee on a daily basis
Honduras Special Edition
from 09|11|18 to 18|11|18
An extraordinary educational trip to a coffee producing country to know the face of the farmer and his job in the fields with the SCA Coffee Skills Program training
Sensory skills Foundation
Expose and sensitize student on the notion of specialty vs non-specialty coffee, enabling them to recognize the core concepts of sensory analysis
Sensory skills Intermediate
from 05|12|18 to 06|12|18
This is the ideal module for who is working for a coffee company and want to improve his knowledge and sensory skills
Bloom Coffee School
Bloom Coffee School

Bloom Coffee School is the education area of Imperator and is certified by SCA as Premier Training Campus offering a unique educational setting for coffee education. Achieving SCA Campus accreditation is a prestigious designation that requires demonstrating compliance with standards for education excellence.

The school is designed to provide a dedicated coffee programme for everyone: companies, professionals and coffee lovers.

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Here you can find useful informations about coffee, trip to origin reports, recipes and a lots more... the whole coffee process form bean to cup in one place!

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