Chemex is POP

When you think about Chemex, the first image that probably pops into your head is a specialty coffee shop and a hipster bartender with a beard and mustache. But Chemex is actually a pop culture icon, find out with us why!

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This coffee is so acidic! (Part 2)

Let’s continue following the flavour map by analyzing the acidity of coffee from the roasting process onwards.

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This coffee is so acidic!

Let’s find out what’s behind this word, that is so used (and oftern abused) in the coffee world.

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Discover, develop, communicate: the importer for coffee

The journey of coffee from the plant to the cup is long and complicated. The coffee importer is the professional figure who simplifies this journey and makes everything flow smoothly.

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Cold Brew vs. Cold Drip: What's the Difference?

A sweet and refreshing Cold Brew is the perfect drink for your summer.

But how is a Cold Brew made?

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