Who is a Q Grader?

They wear neither cape nor mask. They carry no sword nor shield, and certainly have no wings nor tentacles!

Nonetheless, the figure of the Q grader has an almost mythological charm, not to mention marked organoleptic abilities.

Let's discover the mysterious aura that lies behind this coffee “superhero"!


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This coffee is so acidic!

Let’s find out what’s behind this word, that is so used (and oftern abused) in the coffee world.

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Discover, develop, communicate: the importer for coffee

The journey of coffee from the plant to the cup is long and complicated. The coffee importer is the professional figure who simplifies this journey and makes everything flow smoothly.

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How to taste coffee?

Defining the quality of a coffee is not so easy because of our consumer behaviours; our taste and cognitive biases can affect our tasting.


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What has changed with the new cupping protocol 2020?

The new cupping protocol is designed to ensure safety in terms of health of all tasters present during the cupping in order to avoid any possible cross contamination between cuppers or between them and the environment.

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