London Coffee Tour (PT1)

As I already told you, Mr. Bloom never stops to travel! Not even the time to unpack my bag after the origin trips to Mexico and Brazil and it is already time to fly to London, one of the most popular cities for any coffee maniac, which I would say has become my second home!

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Barista & Farmer: what a trip!

I just came back from Brazil where I have spent two unforgettable weeks with really special travel buddies for an extraordinary project: Barista & Farmer.

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Mission: ICA - Location: Mexico

The first mission of ICA, Italian Coffee Association, in an origin country set the following coordinates: quality and trade opportunities.

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Leaving for Honduras!

All is set and Barista farmer staff is ready to leave! Keep an aye here to be updated on what will be going on next week in one of the most extraordinary events in coffee world!

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