Who is a Q Grader?

They wear neither cape nor mask. They carry no sword nor shield, and certainly have no wings nor tentacles!

Nonetheless, the figure of the Q grader has an almost mythological charm, not to mention marked organoleptic abilities.

Let's discover the mysterious aura that lies behind this coffee “superhero"!


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LilyDrip coffee dripper

Curiosity is what keeps us alive. It is curiosity, the desire to discover new things, that leads us to doing our job better. With a little more curiosity, for example, I’m sure we can even find a thousand ways to extract coffee!

Today my curiosity leads me to focus on an accessory for use with conical drippers: The LilyDrip. (In fact, I also tried it with flat-base filters, but I think I should keep that to myself!).

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Paper versus metal filters

To separate the two main components in a cup of coffee, namely water and the coffee itself, we basically have two alternatives: decantation - typical of systems such as Ibrik - or filtration - common in all percolation systems.

Coffee filtering systems can be made up of different types of material: paper, fabric, metal, ceramic and even glass (although less used)

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Chemex is POP

When you think about Chemex, the first image that probably pops into your head is a specialty coffee shop and a hipster bartender with a beard and mustache. But Chemex is actually a pop culture icon, find out with us why!

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This coffee is so acidic! (Part 2)

Let’s continue following the flavour map by analyzing the acidity of coffee from the roasting process onwards.

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