Coffee without coffee

Cascara is the dried skin of coffee drupe from which you can obtain an infusion with floral and fruity notes. 
There it is, then, where Cascara comes from, how you can recognize a good Cascara and how you can prepare your Cascara brew.

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Bar closed? Then maybe it's time to reinvent yourself!

At this critical juncture, the COVID-19 emergency should give us some food for thought on the activities of our company, on what we offer, and how and what we communicate to our customers.

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Field trip to Brazil - Q processing at “Fazenda do Condado”

Innovation in coffee producing countries ... a world in full "ferment"

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Zagreb Coffee Break: two days rich of events!

The festival is a unique opportunity for  all coffee lovers who want to taste the coffee flavors from around the world.

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A (specialty) coffee in Paris

The #coffeerenaissance arrives in France

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