Barista & Farmer: what a trip!

I just came back from Brazil where I have spent two unforgettable weeks with really special travel buddies for an extraordinary project: Barista & Farmer.

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Mission: ICA - Location: Mexico

The first mission of ICA, Italian Coffee Association, in an origin country set the following coordinates: quality and trade opportunities.

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The 5 steps before roasting

It is one thing to say roast! But Coffee needs great preparation

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It is one thing to say roast!

offee roasting is in fact an art, and therefore requires dedication, committment, curiosity and research. 

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Burundi, the sound of coffee

The original soundtrack of a trip in Burundi, is definitely the typical and ceaseless music of the drums; this sound will guide you as a visitor while your eyes will be dazzled by the green, red and white of the costumes worn by the drummers as they beat the drumheads twirling in the air. This is part of a centenary ritual dance, recently declared as UNESCO intangible heritage of humanity.

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