Green Coffee Foundation
The Green coffee Foundation course covers key concepts surrounding coffee before the roasting process
Green Coffee Intermediate
from 03|2|22 to 04|2|22
Green Coffee Intermediate module looks at green coffee in greater detail and builds on the core vocational skills needed by people who work with green coffee on a daily basis
Barista Skills Foundation
Course designed for those who want to learn the basic skills for making espresso and cappuccino in a professional manner, and to learn the basics of latte art.
Barista Skills Intermediate
from 17|2|22 to 18|2|22
Designed for those who already have basic skills, the intermediate level of the SCA Barista module allows you to deepen your skills in the preparation of espresso, cappuccino and latte art.
Sensory skills Foundation
Expose and sensitize student on the notion of specialty vs non-specialty coffee, enabling them to recognize the core concepts of sensory analysis
Sensory Skills Intermediate
from 24|2|22 to 25|2|22
This is the ideal module for who is working for a coffee company and want to improve his knowledge and sensory skills.
Brewing Foundation
Learn the many different coffee extraction techniques with us! Chemex, V60, aeropress will no longer be a mystery to you thanks to our SCA Brewing Foundation course from the Coffee Skills Program.
Brewing Intermediate
from 03|3|22 to 04|3|22
Infusion, percolation, cold brew, learn in detail all the alternative coffee preparation methods with the Coffee Skills Program's SCA Brewing Intermediate course.
Roasting Foundation
The Roasting Foundation course is the starter module for learning the art of coffee roasting. It is the ideal course for those who want to take their first steps in this environment and learn about the process of transforming coffee from when it is green
Roasting Intermediate
from 10|3|22 to 11|3|22
This course will provide a more detailed understanding of the roasting process and the different kinds of heat transfer at work
Q Arabica grading course
from 23|5|22 to 28|5|22
The Q Grading Program of the Coffee Quality Institute allows you to certify your coffee sensory analysis skills internationally.

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